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Blauberg KOMFORT EC SB 350 S14

Heat recovery air handling unit. Maximum air flow up to 450 m³/h.
EAN codeEAN4058448021664
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Air handling units for efficient energy saving supply and exhaust ventilation in flats, houses, cottages and other premises. Heat and humidity recovery minimizes ventilation heat losses during cold season and reduces air conditioner load during hot season. Controllable air exchange for creating the best suitable indoor microclimate. Compatible with round Ø 125, 160 or 200 mm air ducts.


The units are equipped with high-efficient EC motors with an external rotor and a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades. EC motors have the best power consumption to air capacity ratio and meet the latest demands concerning energy saving and high-efficient ventilation. EC motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and optimum control across the entire speed range. The impellers are dynamically balanced.


The KOMFORT EC SB(-E) units are equipped with a bypass for ventilation (air cooling by the cool air from outside).



The casing is made of double-skinned polymer-coated steel panels, internally filled with 20, 25, 30, 40 mm (depending on the unit model) mineral wool layer for heat- and sound-insulation. The unit is equipped with a hinged service panel to enable convenient access for maintenance or repair operations. The spigots are located at the top of the unit and are equipped with rubber seals for airtight connection to the air ducts.


The built-in F7 filter provides efficient supply air filtration. The G4 filter is used for extract air cleaning. The G3 filters are used for supply and exhaust air filtration in the KOMFORT EC S(B) 200 units. Supply air in the KOMFORT EC S(B) 250 units is purified by the G4 and F7 filters. The G4 filter is used for extract air cleaning.


The KOMFORT EC S(B) unit is equipped with a plate counter-flow polystyrene heat exchanger for heat recovery. The unit condensate is collected and drained to the drain pan under the heat exchanger.


The KOMFORT EC S(B)-E unit is equipped with an enthalpy plate counter-flow heat exchanger for energy (heat and humidity) recovery. Due to humidity recovery condensate is not generated in the enthalpy heat exchanger. The air flows are completely separated in the heat exchanger. Thus smells and contaminants are not transferred from the extract air to the supply air. Heat recovery is based on heat and/or humidity transfer through the heat exchanger plates. In the cold season supply air is heated in the heat exchanger by transferring the heat energy of warm and humid extract air to the cold fresh air. Heat recovery minimizes ventilation heat losses and heating costs respectively. In the warm season the heat exchanger performs reverse and intake air is cooled in the heat exchanger by the cool extract air. That reduces operation load on air conditioners and saves electricity. When the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is insignificant, heat recovery is not reasonable. In this case the heat exchanger can be temporary replaced with a summer block for the warm season (available as a specially ordered accessory).


The units are designed for wall or floor mounting. Universal casing design provides either left-handed or right-handed unit installation.


The KOMFORT EC S(B)(-E) S21 units are equipped with an integrated automation system. The remote control panel is not included in the delivery set (available separately). The S21 controller allows integrating the unit into the Smart Home system or BMS (Building Management System). The unit can be controlled by the Blauberg AHU mobile application via Wi-Fi.

the Blauberg AHU
app for Android

the Blauberg AHU
app for iOS

The KOMFORT EC S(B)(-E) S14 units have an integrated automation system with a wall-mounted control panel S14 with a LED indication. The KOMFORT EC S(B) 200 are available only with an S14 automation.

Functions KOMFORT EC S(B)(-E) S21 KOMFORT EC S(B)(-E) S14
Unit control via Wi-Fi using a mobile application + -
Unit control via a wired remote control panel
S22 control panel (option)
S14 control panel
Unit control via a wireless remote control panel
S22 Wi-Fi control panel (option)
Unit control via a wired remote LCD control panel
S25 control panel (option)
BMS (Building Management System) RS-485 -
Wi-Fi -
Ethernet -
Blauberg Cloud Server service + -
Speed selection + +
Filter replacement indication by filter timer by filter timer
by filter clogging differential pressure switch (KOMFORT EC SB 550) -
Alarm indication full alarm description in the mobile application LED alarm indication
Week-scheduled operation + -
Bypass automatic -
manual manual
Timer + -
Boost mode + -
Fireplace mode + -
Freeze protection through cyclic stops of the supply fan through cyclic stops of the supply fan
through preheating (option) -
Reheater connection option -
Cooler connection option -
Minimum supply air temperature control + -
Humidity control option option
CO2 controller option option
VOC controller option -
PM2.5 control option -
Fire alarm sensor connection option option
Option: function is available when purchasing the appropriate accessory (see the "Accessories" section).
Parameter KOMFORT EC SB 350 S14 Measurement unit
Voltage 230 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current 1.4 A
Power 178 W
RPM 3200 min-1
Maximum air flow 450 m³/h
Maximum air flow 125 l/s
Sound pressure level at 3 m 28 dBА
Insulation 40 mm mineral wool mm
Transported air temperature -25...+40 °С
Extract filter G4 -
Supply filter F7 (option: G4) -
Heat recovery efficiency 85...92 %
EC motor yes -
Heat exchanger type counter-flow -
Heat exchanger material polystyrene -
Weight 64 kg
Connected air duct diameter 160 mm
Casing material polymer-coated steel -
SEC class A+ -
Mounting wall mounting, floor mounting -
ErP 2016, 2018 -
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
  • Selection method:
  • Air capacity:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air capacity: --
  • Pressure: ---
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
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  • Technical documentation
  • Certificates
S14 / S15 automation - software (zip 13.08Mb)
KOMFORT EC S(B) - data sheet (pdf 1.52Mb)
KOMFORT EC S(B)(-E) S14/S21 - user's manual (pdf 3.43Mb)
KOMFORT EC SB350 S14 - energy label (pdf 52.93Kb)
KOMFORT EC SB350 S14 - specification (pdf 28.06Kb)
KOMFORT EC S(B) 160/350/550 (-E) S14 - image (png 391.77Kb)
Filters maintenance manual (pdf 3.04Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Motor type Spigot modification Bypass Rated air flow, [m³/h] Heat exchanger type Automation
KOMFORT EC: electronically commutated motor S: vertical spigot orientation _: no bypass

B: with a bypass
160; 200; 250; 350; 550 _: heat recovery

-E: energy recovery


G4 panel filter FP 500x196x40 G4
F7 panel filter FP 500x196x40 F7
Humidity sensor FS2
CO2 sensor with indication CD-1
CO2 sensor CD-2
Humidity sensor HR-S
Kitchen exhaust hood DAH 251-13
Syphon kit (for the units without an enthalpy heat exchanger) SFK 20x32
Air damper VKA 160
Electric actuator LF230

Model Overall dimensions [mm]
Ø D B B1 H H1 L
KOMFORT EC SB 350 S14 160 583 600 675 760 730
Additional characteristics
Additional characteristics
Point Total power of the unit [W] Sound pressure level at 3 m (1 m) [dBA]
1 177 28 (38)
2 175 27 (37)
3 170 27 (37)
4 71 23 (33)
5 71 22 (32)
6 69 22 (32)
7 21 15 (25)
8 21 14 (24)
9 21 14 (24)


Sound power level, A-weighted Total Octave frequency band [Hz] LpA 3 m LpA 1 m
63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
LwA to supply inlet [dBA] 56 50 46 53 45 39 34 36 32    
LwA to supply outlet [dBA] 64 56 52 63 52 39 38 43 35    
LwA to exhaust inlet [dBA] 56 52 46 53 45 38 34 36 31    
LwA to exhaust outlet [dBA] 64 58 53 62 51 40 38 42 33    
LwA to environment [dBA] 49 45 40 44 38 33 29 27 22 28 38

Data provided for point 1 of the air flow diagram


Calculation of air temperature downstream of the heat exchanger:
t = toutd + khr × (textr - toutd) / 100,

where toutd – outdoor air temperature [°C] textr – extract air temperature [°C] khr – heat exchanger efficiency (according to the diagram) [%]

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