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Blauberg KOMFORT Roto EC LHP 900 S17

Compact heat recovery air handling units. Maximum air capacity up to 955 m³/h.
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Air handling units for efficient supply and exhaust ventilation in flats, houses, cottages and other buildings.For arranging of controlled energy saving ventilation systems.Controllable air exchange for creating the best suitable indoor microclimate.A fully integrated heat pump eliminates the need for installing the indoor and outdoor units of an air conditioner inside the treated space and on the building face. The heated or cooled air is distributed via a duct system to individual rooms for air distribution through air diffusers which gives the building a clean aesthetic look both inside and outside.Compatible with round Ø 160 and 250 mm air ducts.
The casing load-bearing structure consists of three-layer zinc aluminium panels with a 25 mm fibreglass interlayer for noise and heat insulation.The spigots are located at the sides of the unit and are equipped with rubber seals for airtight connection to the air ducts.Specially designed removable side panels provide easy access to all the internal components of the air handling unit and reduce maintenance space requirements.KOMFORT Roto EC LHP: models with a rotary regenerator and heat pump with no preheating.KOMFORT Roto EC LEHP: models with a rotary regenerator, heat pump and a supply air preheater. Efficient air filtration is provided by a built-in G4 filters for extract and supply air.
High-efficient external rotor EC motors and centrifugal impellers are used for air supply and exhaust.EC motors have the best power consumption to air flow ratio and meet the latest demands concerning energy saving and high-efficient ventilation.EC motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and totally controllable speed range.Dynamically balanced impellers.
Stage I — heat energy recovery in the rotary heat exchanger.Stage II — booster heating/booster cooling in the heat pump.
The KOMFORT Roto EC L(E)HP S17 units are equipped with the thTune control panel with an LCD display.
The KOMFORT Roto EC L(E)HP S18 units are equipped with the pGD1 control panel with an LCD display.
The rotary heat exchanger is a short rotating cylinder filled with aluminium band layered in such a way that both supply and exhaust air flows pass through it.The band the heat exchanger is made of first contacts the supply air flow and then the exhaust air flow. As a result it is heated and cooled in turns transferring heat and moisture from the warm air flow to the cold one.The advantages of the rotary heat exchanger compared to plate heat exchangers are the absence of condensate, comfortable humidity level maintenance and low freezing danger.
«Auto» mode: The unit runs in the automatic supply and exhaust mode maintaining a user-defined room temperature.«Heating» mode: The unit ensures supply and exhaust ventilation of the treated space maintaining the room temperature above a pre-set threshold. As soon as the room temperature drops below the pre-set threshold the heat exchanger and the heat pump are engaged (in the heating mode).«Cooling» mode: The unit ensures supply and exhaust ventilation of the treated space maintaining the room temperature below a pre-set threshold. As soon the room temperature exceeds the pre-set threshold the heat exchanger and the heat pump are engaged (in the cooling mode).«Heat Recovery» mode: The unit runs in the supply and exhaust mode maintaining the room temperature by means of the heat exchanger only without engaging the heat pump. This mode is enabled automatically while in the «Auto», «Heating» or «Cooling» mode if the heat exchanger alone is able to maintain the user-defined room temperature without engaging the heat pump. This mode can also be enabled manually via the unit controller menu or the A18 (pGD1) control panel.«Ventilation» mode: The unit ensures supply and exhaust ventilation of the treated space without maintaining a pre-set room temperature level. The heat exchanger and heat pump are disabled. Room temperature adjustment is not available. This operation mode is only available via the A18 (pGD1) control panel.«Defrosting» mode: Enabled automatically (on elapsing of a pre-set time interval and/or on reaching a temperature threshold) while in the «Auto» and «Heating» modes to prevent the heat pump heat exchanger freezing. While in the «Defrosting» mode the fans are disabled. Upon the «Defrosting» mode deactivation the unit reverts to the previous operation mode automatically. While in the «Defrosting» mode user-selectable operation modes are not available.«Pre-Heating» mode: While in the «Auto» or «Heating» modes at low ambient temperatures the supply air fed into the unit is warmed up by the electric pre-heater. This mode is enabled automatically upon the ambient temperature dropping below 8 °C. If the outdoor air temperature reaches above 8 °C the «Pre-Heating» mode is disabled. This mode is only available in factory configurations of the KOMFORT Roto EC LEHP models equipped with an electric heater. The «Pre-Heating» mode implementation in a KOMFORT Roto EC LHP requires upgrading the unit with a production electric heater (purchased separately) installed into the unit casing. The heater may only be installed by a service provider certified by the unit manufacturer.«Recirculation» mode: This optional mode requires upgrading the unit with an external recirculation valve (purchased separately). The recirculation mode is enabled automatically at subzero ambient temperatures allowing a considerable reduction of unit energy consumption due to a partial redirection of the extract air into the supply duct of the unit.
The air handling unit features a reversible heat pump which can warm up or cool down the supply air stream using the extract air heat. A fully integrated heat pump eliminates the need for installing the indoor and outdoor units of an air conditioner inside the treated space and on the building face. The heated or cooled air is distributed via a duct system to individual rooms for air distribution through air diffusers which gives the building a clean aesthetic look both inside and outside.
This device transfers the extract air heat energy to the supply air stream. The amount of heat transferred is 2-6 times larger than the amount of electric energy used to power the process.The heat pump is equipped with an array of protection systems including low and high pressure protection, freeze protection (automatic defrosting) and compressor overheating protection.The heat pump utilizes a high-efficiency rotary compressor which generates minimum noise. Ozone-layer friendly R410A cooling agent is used as the heat pump working fluid.
The KOMFORT Roto EC LEHP unit is equipped with the optional posistor electric heater to warm up outdoor supply air at low temperatures.
Pre-heating reduces the number of heat pump defrosting cycles thus increasing the overall operational efficiency of the air handling unit.
The heater is divided into two active elements for reduced power electric power consumption while retaining sufficient heating capacity.
Limit Function: Reduces air flow automatically to maintain a user-defined temperature. If the unit cannot execute the user-defined room temperature setting after running in the «Auto» or «Heating» mode for 20 minutes the air flow rate (fan speed) is reduced automatically. The unit reverts to the original fan operation mode upon reaching the target air temperature as defined by the user. While in the «Limit Function» mode the air flow adjustment is not available.Warming-up: Blocks cold air supply into the premises in the «Auto» or «Heating» mode. The effect is achieved by warming up the heat pump heat exchanger in the supply air duct while the supply fan remains disabled. The «Warming-up» mode is enabled after the «Defrosting» mode as well as upon the first start if the outdoor air temperature is below +10 °C. Upon completion of the «Warmingup » cycle the unit reverts to the original «Auto» or «Heating» mode.Higher Speed: Increases air flow capacity automatically while in the «Cooling» mode to prevent excessive pressure build-up in the heat pump. The exhaust fan reverts to the initial speed once the pressure has dropped to normal.Smart Safe: Automatically protects the unit from operating outside the safe performance range. The unit is equipped with an intelligent hardware protection system ensuring its safe and reliable performance within the permissible range of ambient temperature conditions. Therefore, the unit is able to adjust operating parameters or disable certain units and assemblies to compensate for abnormal operating conditions in order to prevent equipment failure.Heat Pump Protection: Automatically prevents heat pump failure:
  • Protects against abnormally high or low pressure build-up. If the coolant pressure reaches beyond the safe performance range the pressure sensors send signals to the unit controller to power off the heat pump compressor. The compressor power is restored once the pressure has reverted to normal
  • Compressor thermal protection against overheating. The compressor is powered off when its casing temperature becomes abnormally high. The power is restored once the casing temperature has dropped to the normal performance range
  • Delayed Start. Protects the compressor from cycling (by blocking too frequent activation/deactivation of the compressor)
Serviceability: The design solutions provide for easy access to the unit parts and components, facilitate its maintenance and replacement of the consumables and wear parts and ensure high serviceability of the entire air handling unit.Fresh Air: Ensures clean air supply into the treated spaces. The unit is equipped with a G4 filter (F7 filter optional). The control system monitors the filter performance automatically and generates replacement signals as necessary.Ozone Protection: The heat pump utilizes the R410A high-tech two-component cooling agent which does not deplete the ozone layer.
Save Energy: A comprehensive engineering and technical approach to reducing the unit energy consumption which comprises the following elements:
  • Posistor electric pre-heater with two active elements
  • Upgraded thermal insulation of the supply chamber
  • Integral high-performance air-to-air heat pump
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Automatic heat exchanger and heat pump activation/ deactivation
  • Electric heater deactivation in the «Defrosting» mode
  • Intelligent Blauberg Software – air handling unit control suite for maintaining optimum performance characteristics at low energy consumption based on the exclusive control algorithms

Low Noise: A comprehensive engineering and technical approach to reducing the unit noise levels during operation comprising the following elements:

  • Heat pump integrated into the sound-proof unit casing
  • Adjustable-speed fans
  • Low-noise rotary compressor

Autorestart: The unit memorizes the current operation mode and restores it after a power outage.Simple Use: The units are pre-assembled at the factory and are ready for operation. The installation and maintenance costs are reduced to a bare minimum. The unit operation does not require any special training due to a clean-cut user-friendly interface.CO2 Control: Maintains the CO2 level in the treated space below a user-defined value. If the CO2 level in the indoor space exceeds the pre-set value the air handling unit increases the air exchange rate automatically. This option is only available with the external CO2 control sensor with a 0-10 V output signal (purchased separately).RH Control: Maintains the relative humidity level in the treated space below a user-defined value. Should the relative humidity become abnormally high the unit increases the air exchange rate automatically. This option is only available with the A17 (th-Tune) control panel in a special configuration or the external relative humidity control sensor with a 0-10 V output signal (purchased separately).Rapid Access to Set Mode: The larger the difference between the outdoor temperature and the pre-set indoor temperature, the faster the heat pump is activated.

Unit operation in heat recovery and air heating ventilation mode Unit operation in heat recovery and air cooling ventilation mode
Parameter KOMFORT Roto EC LHP 900 S17 Measurement unit
Voltage 230 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50 Hz
Max. unit current 6.7 A
Air capacity 265 l/s
Air capacity 955 m³/h
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 58 dBА
Temperature of transported air -10…+40 °С
Maximum power consumption in "Heat Recovery" 0.46 kW
Extract filter G4 -
Supply filter G4 -
Maximum power consumption in "Heat Recovery + Heat Pump" 1.195 kW
Maximum power consumption in "Heat Recovery + Heat Pump + Pre-Heating" kW
Heat recovery efficiency 85 %
Air-handling unit energy efficiency "Heating" mode (COP) 6.5 -
Air-handling unit energy efficiency "Cooling" mode (ERR) 4.25 -
Coolant R410A -
Coolant weight 2 kg
Heat exchanger type rotary -
Heat output in "Heating" mode [kW] at t0 = +7 °C; tk = +45 °C* 3.25 kW
Heat output in "Cooling" mode [kW] at t0 = +7 °C; tk = +45 °C* 2.5 kW
Heat exchanger material aluminum -
Compressor type Sealed, rotary type -
Weight 165 kg
Connected air duct diameter 250 mm
Temperature setting range in "Cooling/Heating" +16...+30 °С
Casing material aluminium -
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
KOMFORT Roto EC L(E)HP - data sheet (pdf 1.99Mb)
KOMFORT Roto EC L(E)HP S17 - image (png 574.09Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Serie Unit type Motor type Spigot modification Heater type  Modification Nominal air flow [m³/h] Control
KOMFORT Roto: rotary heat exchanger EC: electronically 
commutated motor
L: horizontal spigot orientation

_without heater
Eelectric heater

HP: heat pump

400; 700; 900

S17: thTune control panel
S18: pGD1 control panel


Model Dimensions [mm]
D B H L L1
KOMFORT Roto EC LHP 900 S17 249 748 750 1667
G4 supply pocket filter FP 700х351х27 G4
G4 extract panel filter FP 700х352х48 G4
Silencer SD 250
Silencer SDF 250
Backdraft air damper VRV 250
Air damper VKA 250
Flexible anti-vibration connector EVA 250
Electric actuator  LF230
Electric actuator TF230
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