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Blauberg WMG 1 1/4-10

Water mixing unit.
EAN codeEAN4058448036064
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Smooth heating medium flow regulation and supply air set temperature maintaining in ventilation systems with water heating or cooling coils. Compatible with the WKH duct water heating coils and the KWK duct cooling coils. Compatible with all water heating or cooling coils installed in BLAUBOX supply units and KOMFORT air handling units.


Connection of the mixing unit to the water heating or cooling coils and to the water heating/cooling network through the pipes or flexible hoses of respective diameter, refer to the technical data table. In case of applying flexible hoses the mixing unit must be rigidly fixed. While installing the mixing unit the motor shaft must be installed horizontally. No mechanical loads from the pipes are allowed.


The water mixing unit consists a circulation pump, a three-way electrically actuated heat medium control valve and a recirculation pipe. The three-way valve is designed for smooth mixing of the heat medium stream from the heating (cooling) system and the return heat medium in a required proportion to regulate the heat medium temperature supplied to the water heating or cooling coils. The three-way way is actuated with a control 0–10 V signal from the ventilation control system. The mixing unit is rated for heat medium operating pressure in the mixing set 10 bar.

Parameter WMG 1 1/4-10 Measurement unit
Transported heat medium temperature -10 +110 °С
Connected spigot diameter 1 1/4" -
Max. glycol content in the transported heat medium 30 %
Circulation pump DAB A56/ 180XM -
Max. pump power 271 W
Three-way valve control way 0…10 V -
Electrically actuated three-way valve R329 -
Three-way valve heat medium transmission factor (Kvs) 10 -
Three-way valve actuator Belimo LR24A-SR -
Max. mixing unit flow capacity 6.8 m³/h
Connection type Threaded connection -
Developed head 62000 Pa
Number of pump speeds 3 -
Voltage 230 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50 Hz
Weight 7.4 kg
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WMG - data sheet (pdf 454.55Kb)
WMG - image (png 438.56Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Connected spigot diameter [in]   Heat medium transmission factor (Kvs)
WMG 3/4; 1; 1 1/4; 1 1/2; 2 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 40
Connection to water network
Connection to water network


T1 and T2: heat medium supply and return pipeline P1 and P2: water pressure gauges for supply and return pipes 1: mixing unit 2: water heater 3: electrically actuated three-way valve 4: circulation pump 5: shut-off valve 6: supply and return pipes from the heat distribution system to the water heater 7: non-return valve 8: balancing valve 9: coarse filter  

Model Overall dimensions [mm]
B H H1 L
WMG 1 1/4-10 175 355 240 500
Mixing unit calculation diagram
Mixing unit calculation diagram
Mixing unit selection: find the required heat medium flow through the heating (cooling) unit as well as heat medium pressure drop (available head). These parameters are determined using the heating or cooling unit calculation diagram for each water heating or cooling unit.