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05 september 2019
Bathroom fans: making the right choice
Effective ventilation is absolutely essential in a bathroom due to elevated humidity inherent to this type of space.

While choosing an optimum fan you should consider the existing floor layout and check if the bathroom is an inner room, if it has an exposed wall or any windows.

A classic extract fan provides an optimum solution to complement conventional window ventilation). You can also install a single-room heat recovery air handling unit into the exposed wall of the bathroom. An air handling unit provides fresh air supply and also extracts stale air from the treated room. Being energy-efficient, such device helps minimise ventilation-specific heat losses during the cold season and keeps the treated room cool during the warm season. The unit is capable of saving up to 85 % of heat due to heat recovery.

If your bathroom has no windows and exposed walls, you may want to consider a fan for a mono-pipe ventilation system.

Whichever forced ventilation option you choose, it will improve air quality in the bathroom and enhance occupant comfort.

1.      Classic extract fan

We offer a wide range of domestic fans including models with a designer front panel or those with a conventional appearance equipped with a back-draft damper or additional insect protection, high-performance fans as well as energy-saving and silent-running fans. A wide selection of modifications helps to choose just the right model for your specific application.

To extend the functionality, extract fans can be optionally upgraded with

  • a humidity sensor which enables fan activation or boosting its speed when the humidity level in the treated room exceeds a certain level – e.g. 60 %;
  • a motion sensor to automatically activate the fan when you enter the room;
  • a speed controller to activate or deactivate the fan or set its operation speed;
  • a pull-cord switch which used to be quite popular in its day, but at present more and more fans are being paired with a light switch or a sensor suite for added convenience.

Although a sensor suite would certainly increase the cost of your bathroom or kitchen fan, it would also result in more efficient performance of the unit thanks to an optimum performance control.

2.      Fans for inner bathrooms

Exhaust ventilation of inner bathrooms without windows and exposed walls is arranged through an air duct which spans the entire height of the building and, as a rule, terminates at the roof. Such an air duct can accept several extract fans.

However, this configuration requires fans capable of building sufficiently high pressure to overcome the airflow resistance of extra-long air ducts. Such fans are represented by the Valeo series of mono-pipe centrifugal extract fans.

The Valeo model range includes models for flush mounting, which are especially suitable for newly erected buildings, and surface mounting for redecoration projects. The fan can be mounted either to wall or ceiling surfaces.

3.      Single-room heat recovery ventilation unit for bathrooms with exposed walls

If your home requires an efficient ventilation system to provide considerable energy savings, you should look no further than a single-room unit – for example, a model from the VENTO Expert series. In addition to providing efficient air exchange in the treated room these units feature heat recovery technology which minimises heat losses normally associated with letting in fresh air through an open window. The heat recovery process involves accumulation of extract air heat in the heat exchanger core and transferring it to the supply air stream after changing air flow direction. These compact ventilation units run in the reversible mode alternating air supply and exhaust flows every 70 seconds.

The best solution for balanced ventilation in your bathroom is a VENTO Expert Duo series single-room ventilation unit with two fans. If you need balanced ventilation in your bathroom, the solution of choice is a VENTO Expert DUO series single-room ventilation unit with two fans. While running in the reversible mode the fans operate simultaneously, but the supply and exhaust air flows do not mix as they are physically separated with a special baffle.

The units are fitted with humidity sensors to automatically adjust the operation upon exceeding a pre-set threshold until reaching optimum air parameters.

Besides bathrooms VENTO Expert DUO units can also be installed in kitchens or other spaces with elevated humidity to complement the main single-room ventilation system.

What else do I need to know?

All electronic devices intended for bathroom use must be marked with IP (ingress protection) rating, which tells how well the device is protected from both from both solid objects and liquids.

Refer to the zoning scheme of your bathroom for an ideal location of ventilation units and their minimum IP rating.

According to DIN 57100/VDE 100, section 701, a bathroom is divided into four protection zones:

  • ZONE 0: requires protection against the effects of submerging in water: IPX7 (no switches or socket outlets allowed);
  • ZONE 1: requires protection against water jets: IPX5 (no switches or socket outlets allowed);
  • ZONE 2: requires protection against water splashes: IPX4 (no switches or socket outlets allowed);
  • ZONE 3: no protection required. Socket outlets and automatic switches are allowed.

An IP rating consists of two digits – e.g. IP67. The first number corresponds to the level of protection from solid objects and dust while the second digit tells about the level of protection from water.

Protection from solids and dust (the first digit):

  • IP0X – not protected against any physical contact or objects;
  • IP1X – only protected from foreign objects larger than 50 mm in diameter – e.g. hands;
  • IP2X – protected from foreign objects larger than 12 mm in diameter – e.g. fingers;
  • IP3X – protected against foreign objects larger than 2.5 mm in diameter – e.g. hand tools;
  • IP4X – protected against foreign objects larger than 1.0 mm in diameter;
  • IP5X – completely protected from foreign objects; some dust may get through without causing damage;
  • IP6X – completely protected against contact with foreign objects; the casing is 100% dust-tight.

Protection from water (the second digit):

  • IPX0 – no special protection from water;
  • IPX1 – resists water that drops vertically (very low protection);
  • IPX2 – resists water dropping at a 15° angle or less;
  • IPX3 – resists water splashes at a 60° angle or less;
  • IPX4 – resists water splashes from any direction at any angle;
  • IPX5 – resists sustained low-pressure water jet spray (at any angle);
  • IPX6 – resists high-pressure heavy spray of water (at any angle);
  • IPX7 – can be submerged up to 1 m in water for 30 minutes;
  • IPX8 – can be submerged deeper (the exact depth to be stated by the manufacturer), 100% water-tight;
  • IPX9 – resists water sprays from any direction even at high pressure on the casing (e.g. high-pressure water jet/spray cleaner, 80-100 bars).

EXAMPLE: If a fan is marked IP45, the first digit means that the product is protected against solid foreign objects larger than 1 mm in diameter. The second digit means that the product resists water jets from any direction. Therefore, such a device would be suitable for Zone 1.

Comprehensive ventilation

The aforementioned options provide effective solutions for improving the breathing environment in enclosed spaces such as a bathroom or a kitchen.

However, if you intend to arrange a comprehensive ventilation system in an entire house or flat, you may install several single-room units depending on the floor area of the treated rooms. Such any option is suitable for ventilating a suite of spaces enclosed with exposed walls helping reduce installation costs since there is no need to embed a system of air ducts into the walls or ceilings.

You may also want to consider another all-in-one ventilation solution – an air handling unit (AHU) with an air duct system. An AHU ensures proper air exchange in an entire home, maintains a healthy breathing environment and provides effective extraction of stale air from such spaces as the kitchen or the bathroom while supplying filtered fresh air to the living room or the bedrooms.