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Air dampers

Louver made of aluminum profile.

The dampers can be mounted inside, or outside of the section. The frame around the perimeter of the damper is made of galvanized steel.

Rotating mechanism – cog wheels made of polycarbonate, mounted inside the frame, protected from external environment conditions. Square rod for automatic actuator. Two rods installed if damper height is more than 1200 mm. Air tightness class 3 according to EN 1751.

Option: «Northern» execution.

For the regions with the outside air temperature below -40°C provided an electric heater between the blades. Heater protects blades and cogs from icing.

Recommended accessories: BELIMO electric actuators:

  • ON/OFF, or proportional 0 to 100% by 0 ... 10V signal from the automation system.
  • Actuator with spring return closes the damper when power supply is off.
Flexible anti-vibration insert

Flexible connectors are two flanges interconnected by antvibration material. The inserts are made of galvanized steel and polyethylene tape reinforced with polyamide textile cloth.


In unit and air ducts connections to reduce vibration in the air ducts.

Outdoor version

Additional protection from precipitation is applied to unit construction in case of outdoor execution.

  • Weather hoods on the air inlets and outlets
  • Protective covers for air damper actuators
  • Flat or twin pitched roof

Protects the unit from external influences: water, sand, leaves, others.

Visor is equipped with a protective grid. Hood length is 300 mm. All joints are sealed.

Electric heater controller
Triac controller provides smooth regulation of electric coils heating power. Max heating power up to 75 kW (25 kW triac + two steps 25 kW each).
Pressure switch
Pressure differential switch indicates an error in case of clogging of air filters, breaking of belts in centrifugal fans, low air flow through electric heaters, etc.
Thermal switch
Duct thermostat indicates the threat of fluid freezing in water coils.
Variable frequency drive

Danfoss inverters provide smooth regulation, soft start, and active overheating protection of asynchronous fan motors. Inverter can be supplied loose or mounted inside the fan section. It is recommended to use VFD for both belt driven and direct driven plug fans.

Water mixing set WMG
WMG controls power of water heating and cooling coils by regulating the temperature of water on coil inlet. WMG consists of 3-way valve with modulating 0-10V actuator and circulation pump.
WMG selection chart

Technical data:

  WMG 3/4-4 WMG 3/4-6 WMG 1-6 WMG 1-10 WMG 1 1/4-10 WMG 1 1/4-16 WMG 1 1/2-16 WMG 1 1/2-25 WMG 2-25 WMG 2-40
Circulation pump DAB VA65/180 DAB A50/180XM DAB A56/180XM DAB BPH 120/250.40M DAB BPH 120/280.50T
Three-way valve with electric actuator Belimo R317 Belimo R318 Belimo R322 Belimo R323 Belimo R329 Belimo R331 Belimo R338 Belimo R339G Belimo R348 Belimo R349G
Three-way valve actuator Belimo LR24A-SR Belimo NR24ASR Belimo SR24ASR Belimo NR24ASR Belimo SR24ASR
Connection Thread Flange
Three-way valve nominal diameter  DN 20 DN 20 DN 25 DN 25 DN 32 DN 32 DN 40 DN 40 DN 50 DN 50
Three-way valve Kvs 4 6.3 6.3 10 10 16 16 25 25 40

BlauAIR - data sheet

BlauAIR - operation manual

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