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Blauberg KFK (rectangular)

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Supply air cooling for ventilation systems in various premises. Suitable for installation into supply or air handling units to provide air cooling.


Galvanized steel casing. The cooling elements are made of copper tubes and aluminum plates. Available in three-coil modifications and rated for operation with R123, R134a, R152a, R404a, R407c, R410a, R507, R12, R22, R32 refrigerants. Polypropylene droplet separator and drain pan for condensate drainage and removal included. Droplet separator operates efficiently at air flow below 4 m/s.

Counter air flow connection   Air flow streamwise connection

Only horizontal mounting by means of flanged connection. Condensate drainage must be provided. Air filter must be installed upstream of the cooling unit to prevent the unit soiling. Mounting position must ensure uniform air flow distribution through the entire cross section. Installation upstream or downstream of the supply fan. The minimum air duct length downstream of the fan must be 1-1.5 m to ensure air flow stabilization. The maximum cooling capacity is attained if the cooling unit is connected on counter-flow basis. The attached charts are valid for counter-flow connection. While mounting the cooling unit provide condensate drainage through the U-trap. The U-trap height must be selected with respect to the total fan pressure, refer to the table and diagram below.

H [mm] K [mm] P [Pa]
100 55 600
200 105 1100
260 140 1400

H: U-trap heightK: drainage heightP: total fan pressure

For a proper and safe operation of the cooling unit it should be connected to a control system for integral control and automatic cooling capacity regulation.

Modification name
KFK 100x50-3
KFK 40x20-3
KFK 50x25-3
KFK 50x30-3
KFK 60x30-3
KFK 60x35-3
KFK 70x40-3
KFK 80x50-3
KFK 90x50-3
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Documents archieve
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KFK (rectangular) - data sheet (pdf 686.24Kb)
KFK (rectangular) - user's manual (pdf 2.25Mb)
KFK (rectangular) - image (png 547.95Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Flange size (WxH) [cm]   Number of coil rows
KFK 40x20; 50x25; 50x30; 60x30; 60x35; 70x40; 80x50; 90x50 100x50 3
Air pressure losses
Air pressure losses